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Querceto, a little village in the council of Montecatini Val di Cecina, is in the heart of Val di Cecina, few kilometres from Ponteginori, in the main road that goes to the near Volterra.

It is a wonderful place in the heart of Tuscany, among the hills that follow one another as far as the eye can see. A place where you may feel a new breath, made of fantasy, nature, quiet and serenity.

Etymologically, the name Querceto comes from the meaning of flower in the Middle Ages. Since ancient times, there was a very important castle, because it supplied 600 soldiers to the Council of Volterra, but anyway it was undergone to many other actions of the other villages of this area.

Indeed, nowadays this village is of great interest, not only for its castle but also for its ancient houses and its church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

Outside, the building keeps its original parameter with rows of small sandstone ashlars and a peculiar iconography. Indeed, when you enter, you see one nave with two end bays, getting a crossed-shape. Its original apse has been substituted by a rectangular purse to keep money and papers called “scarsella”. Eventually, the symbols of two evangelists stand out (the eagle and the lion) at the sides of the Redeemer, represented as a child, modelled at the capital of the semi-pillar of the right nave. The large and notable fresco in the apse is a recent work by Luciano Guarnieri.

Querceto, village in the Tuscan countryside of Pisa


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